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Projecta Vibes is not a marketplace and therefore not for everyone. We are a niche brand that exclusively seeks top-notch products so be sure to have something special to submit.


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Get paid without stress

Once we make a deal, you can take a breather and allow us to handle all the nitty-gritty on your behalf. This entails taking care of all the process including graphics, product folders preparation and uploading, as well as handling all promotional activities and pre/post sale assistance. You just have to check your earns and request the payout.


Partner Artists Faq

What I can sell?2024-06-13T11:29:54+02:00

We accept exclusive Project Files, Samples, Presets, Vocals and Visual (coming soon)

Is this platform open for everyone?2024-06-11T15:44:19+02:00

No. We are not a marketplace and therefore every product is a single deal and agreement between us and the Artist.

How much I can earn?2024-06-11T15:45:26+02:00

This depends on type of product and type of agreement. Please contact us to discuss further details.

Do you accept already published products?2024-06-11T15:48:25+02:00

No. We accept only esclusive and not yet published products.

How can I start selling?2024-07-03T15:04:17+02:00

Please send your demo using the below contact form (Soundcloud link only)

Our team usually answer within 1 working day.

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Response times are currently 3-6 hours.

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