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Read the answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions.

What is Projecta Vibes?2024-07-09T16:05:18+02:00

Project Vibes is a top-notch brand that offers exclusive music production resources, including samples, presets, vocals, and exclusive project files from top artists. The project files are the core product of our platform as they give you access to the complex workflows of fully made tracks just a step before they hit the public.

What makes Projecta Vibes different and special?2024-06-18T15:28:49+02:00

We do not offer usual templates / draft ideas but exclusive project files, samples, and presets directly from professional artists, providing a practical and in-depth learning experience.

What are the payment options?2024-03-14T18:24:12+01:00

Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card (Stripe)

What I can do with the project file?2024-06-18T15:44:54+02:00

All projects are sold for educational purpose only, you cannot share and use them commercially. Read our License Agreement.

What are the usage right on project files?2024-03-14T18:23:19+01:00

Instruments and plugin settings are usable in your own productions. You cannot copy melodies, lyrical vocal content, or whole compositions shown/provided in the project files. The song and project itself remains the property of the original Artist/Projecta Vibes. Check our License agreement

What I can find inside the project?2024-03-14T18:22:57+01:00

– Mastering chain
– Plugins settings
– Instruments
– Effect
– Racks
– Samples
– Production Tricks
You can take a look inside the quality projects and you will learn loads.

What I receive after payment?2024-03-14T18:22:14+01:00

You will receive a zip file with entire folder of the project including main intruments bounce

What genres do you offer?2024-03-14T18:21:42+01:00

Our projects are basically EDM, but you may often find other genres as well.

How long does a project remain available on the store?2024-06-18T15:44:04+02:00

All our projects are not yet released tracks made available on our store for limited time only. So don’t wait and start to learn. Explore our products

What are the Daw of the projects?2024-03-14T18:20:53+01:00

This is specified on the description of each project, be sure to check it before you purchase. All projects are unique so there are not versions for other daw.

What happen if I don’t have same plugin/instrument used?2024-06-18T15:43:23+02:00

We are aware that not everyone can have the same plugins, especially as we are selling you the expert artists workflow and the instruments/plugins they use to realize professional tracks. For this reason inside the project you can find bounce of the main instruments. Please check the list of plugins used before purchase.

How fast is the delivery?2024-03-14T18:20:15+01:00

You can download the file with the project folder immediately after payment. Also you will receive a download link through the email used during the check out.

How can I suggest my favorite artists to be added on your store?2024-03-14T18:18:07+01:00

Write an email to

Are the project files suitable for beginner producers?2024-06-18T15:42:16+02:00

While the files contain advanced techniques, they are excellent for beginners looking to shortcut their learning curve by seeing high-level processes in action.

Why are unreleased full tracks beneficial?2024-06-18T15:39:13+02:00

One of the most exciting features is access to unreleased full tracks. This doesn’t just let you listen to something fresh; it allows you to dive into the tracks’ intricate details before they hit the public.

By studying arrangements, sound design, mixing, and mastering in their raw form, you gain insights that can elevate your own music production skills. Unreleased tracks are like a goldmine, offering you exclusive knowledge that can propel your craft forward.

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